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MFM Director: Jill Uriona | Phone: 801-708-4428
DM: Email:

Produce, Meat, Eggs: Jill Uriona | Phone: 801-708-4428

Cottage Food/Baked Goods: Jill Uriona | Phone: 801-708-4428

Crafts: Jill Uriona | Phone: 801-708-4428

Direct-to-Sale Information (non-regulated homemade foods): click here | Jill Uriona | Phone: 801-708-4428

Booth Announcements & Advertisements for the website (Vendor Ads): Bethany Tolley | Text: 623-755-4901 (text or email only, no phone calls please) Email:

Utah Department of Agriculture: Division of Regulatory Services (certificate of registration) | to certify your baked goods please contact: Doug Pearson | 1-801-538-7159 | cell 1-801-520-4696 |

Utah County Health Department (temporary event permits) | 801-851-7525

Food Handler Permit (required for sampling). Take the course online ($25)

State of Utah Tax Commission Special Events Division | 210 North 1950 West Salt Lake City, UT 84134 | 801-297-6303 | |

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