About MFM

Mapleton, Utah is a unique and idyllic place. It’s a bedroom community nestled against the Maple Mountains south of Provo, southeast of Springville, and nearly directly east from Spanish Fork. A lot of homes equals a lot of people with talents, skills, and farm/garden produce to share. This is what you’ll find when you visit the Mapleton Farmer’s Market (MFM): wonderful people and one-of-a-kind, cottage, boutique, and farm items to buy. These items range from crafts, produce, and baked goods to succulents and local food trucks. The MFM is growing and new vendors are joining each year.

A tight-knit place, Mapleton has always provided family-friendly and community friendly activities in the local Mapleton City Park. Thus, at MFM you’ll also enjoy free entertainment on many nights. This year, the MFM will host open mic nights for both amateur and professional entertainers. For more information contact us via our Facebook Page.

The MFM has been around, off-and-on, for years. It’s been a wonderful and enriching venue. And we’ve began it anew with a much more powerful and broad purpose. That purpose? To create a powerful community venue to strengthen relationships, showcase talents, share produce, and build a network of vendors that would preserve Mapleton’s small town network and environment.

The Mapleton Farmer’s Market is held weekly on Mondays from July through the end of September. Market hours begin at 6:00 p.m. and end at 8:30 p.m., or dusk. Join us this summer! We hope to see you there.

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